Я не нашел, кто знает, подскажите
Subject: Brodsky quote
Date: 15 Dec 1997
From: John Burgan (burgan@hdk-berlin.de)
To: moshkow@ipsun.ras.ru

Dear Maksim,

I'm an English documentary film director based in Berlin and I'm trying
to find the source of a Brodsky quote I found in a newspaper, and came
across your website. The quote is something like: "You cannot return
to a country which no longer exists"
. Do you recognise it? I'm sure he
wrote it in English anyway. If you know which book it's from I would be
very grateful for any information.

Best wishes,

John Burgan (burgan@hdk-berlin.de)

    (Соломон Волков. Диалоги с Иосифом Бродским)
    Brodsky says: "Well, we know, after all, that you cannot
    step twice into the same river, even if that river
    is the Neva. ...", which is pretty close to the quote
    John encountered in a newspaper.

    Although very far from being a Brodsky expert, I vaguely
    recall seeing Brodsky quoted as saying something like
    "You cannot return to the place of love" ("Nel'zya
    vernut'sya na mesto lyubvi"), which is also somewhat close.
    Finally, I also recall noticing Brodsky reiterating
    the same thought or an observation in two different essays,
    so it may well be that Brodsky said something similar more
    than once, possibly with some variations.

    I hope this helps.

    With best regards,

    Revaz Ramazashvili.