Chapter 24 (S. Barrett)

A movement is accomplished in six stages
And the seventh brings return
The seven is the number of the young light
If forms when darkness isn't creased by one

Change returns success
Going and coming without error
Action brings good fortune
Senset, sunrise

The time is with the month of winter solstice
When the change is due to come
Thunder in the early course of heaven
Things cannot be destroyed once and all for all

    Matilda Mother (S. Barrett)

There was a king who ruled the land
His Majesty was in command
With silver eyes the scarlet eagle
Showered silver on the people

Oh mother tell me more
Why'd you have to leave me there
Handing in my infant chair

You only have to read the lines
They're scribbled in black and everything shines

Across the stream with wooden shoes
Bells to tell the king the news
A thousand misty riders climb up
Higher once upon a time

Wandering and dreaming
The world had different meanings
Yes they did

For all the time spent in that view
The doll's house darkness' old perfume
And fairy- stories held me high
On clouds of sunlight floating by

Oh mother tell me more
Tell me more

    The Scarecrow (S. Barrett)

The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows
Stood with a bird on his hat and swore
Everywhere he didn't care
He stood in a field where barley grows

His head did no thinking, his arms didn't move
Except when the wind cut-a-pup and mice ran
Around and ground
He stood in a field where barley grows

The black and green scarecrow was sadder than me
But now he's resined to his fate 'cause life's not
Unkind, he doesn't mind
He stood in a field where barley grows

    Arnold Layne (S. Barrett)

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes, moonshine washing lines
They suit him fine

On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through, baby blue
He got it

Oh Arnold Layne, it's not the same
It takes two to know, two to know, two to know, two to know
Why can't you see

Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne

Now he's caught a nasty sort of person
They gave him time, doors bang chaingand
He hated

Arnold Layne, Arnold Laune
Arnold Laune
Arnold Laune
Don't do it again

    Candy and a Current Bun (S. Barrett)

Oh my girl sitting in the sun
Go buy candy and a current bun
I like good to see you
Lay flat

Oh talk talk sweet
Please just fuck with me,
Pleas no feeling afraid

It's truy sun shining very bright
It's you I'm gonna love tonight
Icecream tasted good in the afternoon
Icecream tasted good if you eat it soon

Don't touch me child
Please, you know you drive me wild
Please, you know I'm feeling frail

Don't try another cat
Don't go a lot like thet you must known
I'm very very very bad

    Apples and Oranges (S. Barrett)

Got a fliptop pack cigarettes in the pocket
Feeling good at the top shopping at shops
She's walking in the sunshine town
Feeling very cool
But the butchers and the bakers
In the supermarket stores
Getting everything she wants
From the supermarket store

Apples and oranges
Apples and oranges

Cornering meekly she trips up sweetly
To met the people
She's on time again
And then, I catch her by the eye
Then stop and have to think
What a funny thing to do
'cause I'm feeling very thin

I love she
She loves me
See you, see you, see you

Thought you might like to known

I'm a lorrydriver man
She's on the run
Down by the rivierside
Feeding duck in the afternoon time

    It Would Be So Nice (R. Wright)

It would be so nice to leave some time
It would be so nice to leave some time
It would be so nice to leave some time

Everybody wakes and in the morning
Hot tea can't stop yarning
Pass the butter please
Have you ever read the Daily Standard
Reading all about the plane thet's landed
Upside down

Everyone knows what I do today
There can be no other way
But I would just like to say

Everybody cares about the weather
But everybody should know better
What a waste of time
Everybody lives beneath the ceiling
Living out a dream thet sends them reeling
To a distant plase

But no one knows what I do today
There can be no other way
But I would just like to say

    Paint Box (R. Wright)

Last night I had too much to drink
Sitting in a club with so many fools
Playing to rules
Trying to impress and feeling rather empty
I had another drink

What a way to spend that evening
You don't turn up with their friends
Playing their game
Here in the scene or it should be
Far away

Getting up first without remembering
Where I've been

I open the door to an empty room
Then I forget

The telephone rings and someone speaks
She would very much like to go
Out to a show
So what can I do, I can't think what to say
She sees through any way

Out of the front door I go
Traffic's moving rather slow
Arriving late
There she waits looking very angry
As cross as she can be

    Julia Dream (R. Waters)

Sunlight bright upon my pillow
Lighter than an eiderdown
Wishing that the weeping-willow
Winds its branches round

Julia dream
Dream that queen
Queen of all my dreams

Every night I turn the light out
Waiting for the velvet bride
Will the scaly armadillo
Find me where I'm hiding

Will the misty master break me
Will the key unclock my mind
Will the following fortsteps catch me
Am I realy dying

    See Emily Play (S. Barrett)

Emily tries but misunderstands
She's often inclined to borrow
Somebody's dreams till tomorrow

There is no other day
Let's try it another way
You'll loose your mind and play
Free games today
See Emily play

Soon after dark Emily cries
Gazing through trees in sorrow
Hardly a sound till tomorrow

Put on a gown that toches the ground
Float on a river
For ever and ever
Emily, Emily